Your 3x9 Matrix
Level1 Members Per Level Commission Per Subscription Renewal Total Possible Payout Per Level Accumulated
1 3 $1.00 $3.00 $3.00
2 9 $1.00 $9.00 $12.00
3 27 $1.00 $27.00 $39.00
4 81 $1.00 $81.00 $120.00
5 243 $1.00 $243.00 $363.00
6 729 $1.00 $729.00 $1,092.00
7 2,187 $1.00 $2,187.00 $3,279.00
8 6,561 $1.00 $6,561.00 $9,840.00
9 19,683 $1.00 $19,683.00  
Grand Total !
From their internal site:

"See that number in the Grand Total box?
  You should know up front that you probably won't fill a matrix even if you spend a year or two working towards it.  Think realistically: How many people do you know who make even half that much every month working 9 to 5 or even 9 to 9?"

EDITOR's NOTE: THIS IS PROGRAM 2's OFFICIAL STANCE on the  IMPROBABILITY OF FILLING THEI MATRIX.  HOWEVER, OTHER Distributors ARE NOT using our system based on actual agreements withour promises to each other to perform according to our schedule.  

THAT VERY IMPROBABLITY, without the odds stacked in our favor the way we have, is what makes  completing that matrix so worthy of the "big bucks" in commissions.

WITHOUT our  system, without being prepared to compensate our team for their timely entry, and most importantly, the near-certainty that we will keep our word with each other, it IS  unlikely because left to their own devices  and whims  someone who just signs up and pays for a month or two is neither likely to reach break-even nor to do what it takes to complete their front-line team.

They continue:

"You won't be subjected to hype from this company - ever. The "scheme of the month" websites want you to believe that you can make thousands of dollars in no time flat.  You don't buy that, do you?  Good.  The Internet is not a magic pill - if it was, we'd all be rich.  But it dramatically increases your possibilities.   

That Grand Total is for extremely committed people who don't necessarily have experience, but definitely have patience and determination.  It's there for you if you want it badly enough.  Obviously, there are lots of attractive numbers lower than $29,523 that are very achievable stepping stones along the way!"  

They're practically apologetic about how few will succeed. WHAT WE HAVE DONE , by creating a system and schedule of enrollments bound by written agreement and trust in each other, is built the "commitment" they speak of into each level, into the heart and mind of each affiliate who pledges directly with the person who has granted them membership and personal attention and support, by holding them accountable to what they said they'd do.

NOTE: IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW...If you are one of the few candidates seeing this that is already active in affiliate marketing, by this time you may even know what companies we're working with

In the rare case that you happen to already be affiliated with them, there are a couple of options for you if you would like to continue with us, but these should be discussed with the person who invited you to see these sites.  By all means, discuss your situation so that exceptions and variations can be explored.  In more than 90% of cases we will be able to work around prior commitments without issues or infractions.