Here's your key to greater prosperity, earning income from home.:

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Please review and submit the letter (form) below:



I understand I have been selected as a prospective Candidate for funding by my host.  Realizing I am under no obligation to accept, or to join the Inner Core Business System, in submitting my name and email address on this form:


 ( A )  I am aware that the person who invited me here has made time-sensitive promises to assemble and fund an Inner Core Team of 5 affiliates for official enrollment next Monday - - in less than 14 days after my initial invitation.


As such affiliation carries with it substantial financial implications, and as time is of the essence, out of courtesy I now make the following promise to my Inviter (host):


( B ) By this coming Sunday I will make a preliminary decision, and will inform my host of my intention to participate in the Inner Core System’s 7-day Free Trial to begin the next day, or not.


( C )  In either case, realizing that my host wishes to keep this invitation private, and any proposed financial arrangements strictly between us (and that privacy is an integral component of this business system),


I promise to keep this invitation and the aforementioned materials confidential, unless or until I have chosen to participate in the proposed Free Trial of services.


( D )  By this coming Sunday I promise to review the following Inner Core System documents:

1)  the Prospectus  2)  the 30-Day A-to-Z Action Time-line  3)  the Payment Plans and Schedules and  4) the proposed Agreement  ( to complete the A-to-Z actions within the Time-line ).


( E )  If I choose to continue with the System, I will print, sign and return either a scanned image or facsimile (FAX) of the signed Agreement to my Inviter within either:

7 days after submission of this form, or by Thursday, 

3 days after beginning my Free Trial, whichever occurs first,

to apply for funding and candidacy in his or her Inner Core Business Team.


( F )  I also promise to keep confidential the proposed Agreement for funding, unless and until I have in turn delivered a signed Agreement to invite, fund and support others in this endeavor.