(leverage that time and a bare minimum of funds)

...  into simply creating a small personal organization of fellow-affiliates / monthly-recurring customers, through

(1) a set of ready-made websites which inform and present a clearly-prescribed path to success, together with

(2) our web-based software which sends invitations to a select short-list of prospects whom we know to be seeking or (or are likely to fairly consider and welcome) a practical supplemental-income solution.


These prospective team-members on our very short personal mailing lists have either:

- recently been in contact with us in response to simple, manageable local classified ads posted by each of us, or:

-   are already known or related to us. 

Each participant may use a combination of free tools to create a short-list of potential prospective team members.  

Those we invite are regular working adults who are not required to learn and apply complex and varied marketing techniques and tools.

All are instead encouraged to begin a very basic, time-effective local, free classified ad campaign.

They do gain some limited, fundamental experience with the mechanics of such lead-capture systems. 


No global advertising of the Private invitation:

No one is expected nor even permitted to advertise on the global internet, either:

one's personal Private Waiting List, nor The Guaranteed Contract Site, nor access to the Private Study Course. 


All invitations are extended personally via one-to-one email, text, personal or instant message. 

Training is provided for use with the highest-trafficked free classified sites.

However this system is unique in that it was originally designed to be safely* shared among friends and family members, providing a truly manageable alternative source of supplemental income, with an uncharacteristically high rate of success.

Again, individuals are not expected to engage in paid advertising or mass marketing efforts.

However, candidates for their personal, benefactored Inner Core teams are provided, should positions remain available at the end of any given week, from a global pool of applicants -- as long as each is responsible for introducing the System either to new, or existing business contacts, or even friends and family members.

These efforts are required to fulfill the Administrators' Contract as well as the personal agreements between Candidate and Benefactor.


This assures valid and effective viral expansion of the system via a minimum number of personal invitations, while the Global site provides a way to assure filling each minimum team structure during the time allowed - the Free Trial and Enrollment weeks. 

Rather than dissipate and dilute one's efforts and expect massive duplication of marketing and sales activities, we are focused on one goal - - enrolling a few key team members, and paying for their first month of service in two proven multi-tiered affiliate programs.  

These existing programs are organized by service providers that have been proven to be completely reliable to pay their affiliates. 

Enrollment is timed so as to be of greatest benefit to the individual participant, first to give the best opportunity for rapid break-even of expenses. This helps to build the optimal-sized team of personally-enrolled affiliates which, when replicated, can create the greatest residual income for each participant. 


The Administrator, acting as the equivalent of a General Contractor for certain companies, will offer a sub-contract of an attractive hourly wage, equivalent to a right of first refusal, and is empowered to purchase the rights to future commissions from any participant should he or she not be satisfied with their actual earnings at a specific future date.  


* by "safely," we mean that

(1) the companies with which we are affiliated have never failed to pay their affiliates, nor actually ever missed paying a single scheduled paycheck, and are thus reliable and

(2) fail-safes are in place to assure that by following the written and recorded instructions, no literate participant with access to computer and internet, and basic computer skills, could fail to be in profit quickly. Any strain on the family budget is avoided, and thus each member is rewarded within a relatively short period of time. 


Safety measures include:

A) a contingency plan with manageable routines for manually replacing any automated systems which might ever fail, without adding any undue burden to one's personal routine. These assure that each participant can complete the contract agreements within the specified time.

B) multiple free communications channels to assure a support system remains in place.

C) redundancy and back-ups of the infrastructure involved in hosting both the system's site and the content here presented, plus separate safeguards provided for the Affiliated Companies' sites.


This assures none of us as hosts or benefactors will be creating any financial chaos for anyone we invite.

Instead, we're more likely to be thanked for forwarding this very desirable invitation to an effective means of supplementing our contacts, friends' and family-members' incomes.