"A man should keep his friendships                                                                in good repair."                                      -  Benjamin Franklin .


Get ready for the most important


 3 weeks


 of your life !



Dear friend of *our* friend,


Sometimes it seems as though we're are playing out Shakespeare's "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,

 creeping forward "at this petty pace. "


And in the normal course of events, that's how life most likely remains..


Let's face it - unless you are vigilant and prepared to reach out to grab for a true breakthrough, that may always be the case.  


Ask yourself:


Are you open and capable of recognizing a better way, investigating it, and acting in your own intelligent self-interest?


Or, perhaps if you're honest with yourself, are you actually more committed to "being right" --  sure that your meager existence is the best you or anyone you know can ever do?


Now, once in a lifetime, IF you're so blessed, someone


who actually HAS your best interest at heart may share


 with you an alternative which could turn your limited


financial world upside-down, for the better! 


. . . Much better.


The question is, when and if that day comes, will that brave

good-hearted soul finally wonder if they should have

 ever even bothered to share it with you?  


( Ahem . . .  )


I truly hope not, but we shall see . . .  



 What would you do with access to a


definitive, fool-proof, step-by-step-guided


system to securing a passive, residual


income of at least double your normal


full-time salary in 100 days or less . . .



Picture it - More than double what you're


 used to earning, coming in without fail,


 month after month,




     . . .   With no risk to your current


 job or business, and (Keep it if you


 actually like it!)


     . . .   At a low cost anyone you


 know could afford . . .


      . . .  Allowing you time to evaluate,


 & budget, before commit (Free Trial)


      . . .   With real-life support built-in,


 and even with. . .


      . . .   FREE ways to *earn* the


 start-up funds if needed.



Before you go off thinking this is "too


 good to be true," let me tell you what


you (and they) DON'T need to do.



        * No Selling.


        * No Marketing.


        * No Advertising.


        * No Promotion.


        * No relying on dicey "promises"  . . .


          . . . Everything is agreed-upon in writing, by :


        Contracts from the two companies we represent.


        by Letters of Intent and signed Agreements from the person who invited you,

        which must also be received from the few, lucky people you choose to share it with.


Especially in this tough economy, this carefully-distilled system is what your friends and family have been praying for. 


                          And *you* get to be the one who's made the undeniable difference . . .  


             IF you are up to it, that is . . .  and I'm quite serious here.  The human factor is the greatest variable .


And people can surely be passive, unmotivated and



But at their best, when people who *care* about each other, promise to complete a few realistic actions, and KEEP those promises . . .  


              Human beings are magnificent . . .


  and truly become of service to others.



So we've taken steps to include a confidential Letter of Intent for all to review and return via  web-form submission.


Entering your name and email will take you to our Prospectus , Schedule of Promised Actions, Payment Schedule, and an

actual written Agreement we all download, sign and

 exchange with each other.







First, break-even is extremely fast - so fast that it's returned to you as fast as you put it up...


You need to leverage a total of just $200 U.S (and per our clearly-outlined schedule and actions list, none of that is out-of-pocket for more than 7 days. )


   * Guaranteed delivery and support by two separate debt-free companies, with impeccable

     payment records.  

  • Very affordable for nearly anyone
  •  Global opportunity --  
  •  Participants in over 30 countries around the world.
  • Do-able by anyone with an internet connection (or a trusted
  •  family member who does have one).
  • Built-in support group of your own chosen friends and
  •  family, the person who invited you and those who shared it
  •  with him or her.








"I personally guarantee that if you   (1) read and return our Letter of Intent,

(2) Evaluate the Programs read the Agreement and the A-to-Z Actions and Scheduled TimeLine,

(3) Sign your Agreement and return it to the person who invited you here, and

(4) complete the specific tasks you will have agreed to . . . (you'll have to read them first of course...)


.  you'll make at least 50 times your investment back in spendable cash within the next 6 months.  Plus, you'll also at least DOUBLE your free, spare time to spend however you choose during the next 12  months.



NOTE: This is easy, because if you get that far, unless you're willing to give up the income you will have established at the time, there's no way you'd give that up. But let me continue with this absurd guarantee.


"That's right, 50 times your investment back plus double the freedom and spare time. You've got a full 12  months to prove to yourself that these secrets are for real. But if you aren't 100% satisfied, let me know and I'll give you an immediate, no questions asked, no hassle refund on the spot. "


(As if you would actually ask for a refund.  Here I sound like an infomercial hawker... )


"That's right! Try our system for a full 7 days, RISK-FREE. If you feel that you didn't get your money's worth, even with all the help, I will not only give you a full refund ( PLUS I promise not to sue you if you want to go and call my system "a scam" anywhere on the 'net you want.  "