Letter of Intent


I have read the 100 Days to Freedom eBook, and/or the  All Paid Forward.info website and

  now state my intentions.


Realizing I am under no obligation to join the Inner Core Business System, by submitting my name and email address on this form:


( A ) I promise to review the following Inner Core Business documents:

 (1) the Prospectus, (2) the 21-Day A-to-Z Action Timeline (3) Payment Plans and Schedules and (4) the proposed Agreement.


( B ) I am aware also that my inviter has made time-sensitive promises, and as time is of the essense , I make the following promise to the person who invited me here:


( C ) Over the next 2 to 3 days I will make a decision whether or not to participate in the Inner Core System .   If I choose to participate, I will return the Agreement to my inviter  within 4 days of submission of this form, to apply for funding and candidacy in his or her Inner Core Business Team.


( D ) I make this promise out of courtesy to my inviter in order to allow ample time for selection of Candidates for the team to be filled during the next Free Trial and Enrollment periods, each of which I understand begins on Monday of the coming week and following weeks, respectively (to be outlined in The Prospectus).


( E ) In either case, realizing that my inviter wishes to keep this private invitation and proposed arrangements between us (and that privacy is an integral component of this business), I promise to keep this invitation and the aforementioned materials confidential, unless or until I have in turn delivered a signed Agreement to invite and support others in this endeavor.   




















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